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#103P TCIC / TLETS Full Access Operator (08/21/19)


This course is for operators who perform all TCIC/NCIC functions, including inquiry, entry, modification, clearing, canceling, and III functions. It also covers navigation of the databases that are connected to the TLETS system such as administrative messages, driver license, vehicle registration, and instructions regarding proper procedures for broadcasting in the state and nationwide. This course requires the TCIC/TLETS Operation Manual Parts 1 - 3.
***Please print out the manuals and bring them to class with you.***

Tarrant County 9-1-1 District provides ALL courses to our agencies/departments FREE of charge, in support of emergency services and our 9-1-1 First Responders. Lack of proper notice and cancellation prevents limited capacity courses from being re-opened for other students. Beginning 06/13/19, agencies and departments with registered student(s) who are a NO CALL - NO SHOW will incur a charge for their agency/department. First occurrence will be $50 per student; Second occurrence will be $75 per student, and; the Third occurrence will be $100 per student. Please reach out to the District if you have questions.

TCOLE Credit Hours: 24 Course Start Date: 08/19/2019 Course End Date: 08/21/2019 TCOLE Course #: 4802 Instructor: Shantelle Oliver Start Time: 08:00 End Time: 17:00 Location: 2600 Airport Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 761...

  • #101P TCIC / TLETS Full Access Operator Access
  • 2019TCIC_TLETSManual1.pdf
  • 2019TCIC_TLETSManual2.pdf
  • 2019TCIC_TLETSManual3.pdf
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever