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#100.9 General Communications Technician Level 1 (For Public Safety Personnel) (09/16-17/19)


FCC/ETA-I Authorized Certification Administrators Course

APCO is becoming interested in the quality of the people that are performing the work on communication systems relating to public safety communications. To that end, the people at IWATSI are offering the following re-training and certification to ANSI standards class and testing. This course provides "hands-on" instruction modeled after the US Department of Homeland Security. It also covers all the areas that today's radio communications technician/engineer in the LMR public safety or business/commercial communications field will encounter.

You will learn:
-All core competencies found in APCO/ANSI communications technicians standards.
-Hands on troubleshooting using modern test equipment.
-All of the technical competencies contained in the DHS COMT.
-The critical aspects of LMR.
-Radio theory.
-FCC/FAA rules and regulations.

***Industry certification Included with this course!***
**This course is NOT associated with TCOLE.**
**No TCOLE credit will be given for this course.**
Tarrant County 9-1-1 District provides ALL courses to our agencies/departments FREE of charge, in support of emergency services and our 9-1-1 First Responders. Lack of proper notice and cancellation prevents limited capacity courses from being re-opened for other students. Beginning 06/13/19, agencies and departments with registered student(s) who are a NO CALL - NO SHOW will incur a charge for their agency/department. First occurrence will be $50 per student; Second occurrence will be $75 per student, and; the Third occurrence will be $100 per student. Please reach out to the District if you have questions.

Course Start Date: 09/16/2019 Course End Date: 09/18/2019 TCOLE Course #: None Instructor: Ira Wiesenfeld Start Time: 08:00 End Time: 17:00 Location: 2600 Airport Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 761...

  • General Communications Technician Level 1: September 16-18, 2019
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed